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Did you know that happiness and health are linked and depend on our social relationships? Discover the support books to better understand our body.

Theory of Evolutionary Relativity

TRE Original Essay

The true meaning of emotions, the laws that govern feelings, the mathematical algorithms that manage us, the relativity of the system and its extreme complexity, and the practical application of its conclusions to achieve the common good.

Evolutionary keys to Health and Happiness

Original Relative Health Essay

Human health is not static or absolute, but changing and relative, so we must act continuously to maintain mental balance and well-being. Happiness and health are linked and depend on our social relationships, which determine 40% of well-being (50% genetics and 10% life events).

Hernán Mendel, The Tyranny of the Species

Scientific adventure novel

Destiny led the young Hernán Mendel to an old book by the British biologist A. R. Wallace, which hid the keys to solve the best-kept mystery. For ten years Hernán lived a dangerous adventure that confronted the evil professor Henry O. Wilson, president of the Darwin Club, a sinister organization founded to take over Wallace’s secret.

Evolutionary Origins of Evil and Violence

Scientific Disclosure

Konrad Lorenz discovered that the wildest violence occurs between peers, neighbors and brothers, or relatives, because they have the same interests. Milgram and Zimbardo demonstrated through experiments that the human being carries a devil, without consciousness. Hannah Arendt described the coldness with which we can murder en masse. All forms of evil or violence have evolutionary roots, and can be treated.

Evolutionary Bases of Climate Change

Scientific Disclosure

The five continents were united, then separated and will be united again in Neopangea. It is the path that humanity must take to reset the world and solve climate change, join together. Telecommuting, green energy, and biodegradable products are just a patch, because the real problems to solve are evolutionary.

A New Model of e-Democracy

Scientific Disclosure

Direct Democracy was invented in Greece and Aristotle defined the State into three branches: executive, legislative and judicial, but our political leaders fail. With modern 5G technology we are already able to exercise a real direct democracy, in which the power is held only by the moderate people, in order to enjoy a more just, equitable and supportive society.

Disclosure: MyAngel’s collection of six books is composed of the original Theory of Evolutionary Relativity, Relative Health, and the adventure novel titled Hernán Mendel, and by three other volumes of scientific divulgation (Demokracia 5G, Pangea and Evil) that compile articles from magazines, research, publications, book chapters, interviews, editorials and blogs of great interest, about the main challenges of humanity.

Author’s review

Dr. Pedro Grimaldos is by profession an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon. He has innovated and developed new technologies for cataract and refractive surgery, presbyopia, and cosmetic lasers.

Pedro Grimaldos


But, in parallel, and over thirty years, he has investigated in depth the evolutionary bases of human behavior, coming to formulate the Theory of Evolutionary Relativity, on the basis of which, he has deduced its implications in the main challenges of humanity, health, democracy, climate change and violence.

Without a doubt, the evolutionary perspective offers us a better understanding of the great current problems, and consequently, the optimal way to approach their solutions.

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