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Human health is not static or absolute, but changing and relative, so we must act continuously to maintain mental balance and well-being.

What is it based on?

It is based on the Theory of Evolutionary Relativity (TRE) and uses a scientifically proven Salutogenesis algorithm.

The theory that synthesizes Darwin’s evolution and Einstein’s relativity to formulate the laws that govern human behavior.

Physical Tracking

Emotion Management

Social Activity

What offers for you?

MyAngel’s goal is to correct and compensate for emotional deficits, re-educate physical activity and promote social skills through daily healthy habits.

There are 7 essential activities that every human being must do every day: physical exercise, restful sleep, playful games, meditation and introspection, free reverie, concentration on future projects and social relationships.

What should I do?

You must choose your angel, fill out some quick tests and schedule when you want to record your 2 daily video selfies and do your 7 essential activities.

Keep in touch with your Angel by chatting with video messages so that we can analyze your emotions and a series of algorithms will analyze your physical and social activity weekly.

“Warning”: The basic equipment that MyAngel recommends to reach a full checkup is a synchronized smartphone and smartwatch. The smartwatch is essential to monitor physical activity, heart rate and sleep quality.

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